Module Stacking

Layout of activation records; translation from Linear to Mach.

Require Import Coqlib Errors.
Require Import Integers AST.
Require Import Op Locations Linear Mach.
Require Import Bounds Conventions Stacklayout Lineartyping.

Layout of activation records

The machine- and ABI-dependent aspects of the layout are defined in module Stacklayout.

Offsets (in bytes) corresponding to stack slots.

Definition offset_local (fe: frame_env) (x: Z) := fe.(fe_ofs_local) + 4 * x.

Definition offset_arg (x: Z) := fe_ofs_arg + 4 * x.

save_callee_save rl ofs k adds before k the instructions that store in the frame the values of callee-save registers rl, starting at offset ofs.

Fixpoint save_callee_save_rec (rl: list mreg) (ofs: Z) (k: Mach.code) :=
  match rl with
  | nil => k
  | r :: rl =>
      let ty := mreg_type r in
      let sz := AST.typesize ty in
      let ofs1 := align ofs sz in
      Msetstack r (Ptrofs.repr ofs1) ty :: save_callee_save_rec rl (ofs1 + sz) k

Definition save_callee_save (fe: frame_env) (k: Mach.code) :=
  save_callee_save_rec fe.(fe_used_callee_save) fe.(fe_ofs_callee_save) k.

restore_callee_save fe k adds before k the instructions that re-load from the frame the values of callee-save registers used by the current function, restoring these registers to their initial values.

Fixpoint restore_callee_save_rec (rl: list mreg) (ofs: Z) (k: Mach.code) :=
  match rl with
  | nil => k
  | r :: rl =>
      let ty := mreg_type r in
      let sz := AST.typesize ty in
      let ofs1 := align ofs sz in
      Mgetstack (Ptrofs.repr ofs1) ty r :: restore_callee_save_rec rl (ofs1 + sz) k

Definition restore_callee_save (fe: frame_env) (k: Mach.code) :=
  restore_callee_save_rec fe.(fe_used_callee_save) fe.(fe_ofs_callee_save) k.

Code transformation.

Translation of operations and addressing mode. The Cminor stack data block starts at offset 0 in Linear, but at offset fe.(fe_stack_data) in Mach. Operations and addressing mode that are relative to the stack pointer must therefore be offset by fe.(fe_stack_data) to preserve their behaviour.

Definition transl_op (fe: frame_env) (op: operation) :=
  shift_stack_operation fe.(fe_stack_data) op.

Definition transl_addr (fe: frame_env) (addr: addressing) :=
  shift_stack_addressing fe.(fe_stack_data) addr.

Translation of a builtin argument.

Fixpoint transl_builtin_arg (fe: frame_env) (a: builtin_arg loc) : builtin_arg mreg :=
  match a with
  | BA (R r) => BA r
  | BA (S Local ofs ty) =>
      BA_loadstack (chunk_of_type ty) (Ptrofs.repr (offset_local fe ofs))
  | BA (S _ _ _) => BA_int (* never happens *)
  | BA_int n => BA_int n
  | BA_long n => BA_long n
  | BA_float n => BA_float n
  | BA_single n => BA_single n
  | BA_loadstack chunk ofs =>
      BA_loadstack chunk (Ptrofs.add ofs (Ptrofs.repr fe.(fe_stack_data)))
  | BA_addrstack ofs =>
      BA_addrstack (Ptrofs.add ofs (Ptrofs.repr fe.(fe_stack_data)))
  | BA_loadglobal chunk id ofs => BA_loadglobal chunk id ofs
  | BA_addrglobal id ofs => BA_addrglobal id ofs
  | BA_splitlong hi lo =>
      BA_splitlong (transl_builtin_arg fe hi) (transl_builtin_arg fe lo)
  | BA_addptr a1 a2 =>
      BA_addptr (transl_builtin_arg fe a1) (transl_builtin_arg fe a2)

Translation of a Linear instruction. Prepends the corresponding Mach instructions to the given list of instructions. Lgetstack and Lsetstack moves between registers and stack slots are turned into Mgetstack, Mgetparent or Msetstack instructions at offsets determined by the frame environment. Instructions and addressing modes are modified as described previously. Code to restore the values of callee-save registers is inserted before the function returns.

Definition transl_instr
    (fe: frame_env) (i: Linear.instruction) (k: Mach.code) : Mach.code :=
  match i with
  | Lgetstack sl ofs ty r =>
      match sl with
      | Local =>
          Mgetstack (Ptrofs.repr (offset_local fe ofs)) ty r :: k
      | Incoming =>
          Mgetparam (Ptrofs.repr (offset_arg ofs)) ty r :: k
      | Outgoing =>
          Mgetstack (Ptrofs.repr (offset_arg ofs)) ty r :: k
  | Lsetstack r sl ofs ty =>
      match sl with
      | Local =>
          Msetstack r (Ptrofs.repr (offset_local fe ofs)) ty :: k
      | Incoming =>
      | Outgoing =>
          Msetstack r (Ptrofs.repr (offset_arg ofs)) ty :: k
  | Lop op args res =>
      Mop (transl_op fe op) args res :: k
  | Lload chunk addr args dst =>
      Mload chunk (transl_addr fe addr) args dst :: k
  | Lstore chunk addr args src =>
      Mstore chunk (transl_addr fe addr) args src :: k
  | Lcall sig ros =>
      Mcall sig ros :: k
  | Ltailcall sig ros =>
      restore_callee_save fe (Mtailcall sig ros :: k)
  | Lbuiltin ef args dst =>
      Mbuiltin ef (map (transl_builtin_arg fe) args) dst :: k
  | Llabel lbl =>
      Mlabel lbl :: k
  | Lgoto lbl =>
      Mgoto lbl :: k
  | Lcond cond args lbl =>
      Mcond cond args lbl :: k
  | Ljumptable arg tbl =>
      Mjumptable arg tbl :: k
  | Lreturn =>
      restore_callee_save fe (Mreturn :: k)

Translation of a function. Code that saves the values of used callee-save registers is inserted at function entry, followed by the translation of the function body. Subtle point: the compiler must check that the frame is no larger than Int.max_unsigned bytes, otherwise arithmetic overflows could occur during frame accesses using unsigned machine integers as offsets.

Definition transl_code
    (fe: frame_env) (il: list Linear.instruction) : Mach.code :=
  list_fold_right (transl_instr fe) il nil.

Definition transl_body (f: Linear.function) (fe: frame_env) :=
  save_callee_save fe (transl_code fe f.(Linear.fn_code)).

Local Open Scope string_scope.

Definition transf_function (f: Linear.function) : res Mach.function :=
  let fe := make_env (function_bounds f) in
  if negb (wt_function f) then
    Error (msg "Ill-formed Linear code")
  else if zlt Ptrofs.max_unsigned fe.(fe_size) then
    Error (msg "Too many spilled variables, stack size exceeded")
    OK (Mach.mkfunction
         (transl_body f fe)
         (Ptrofs.repr fe.(fe_ofs_link))
         (Ptrofs.repr fe.(fe_ofs_retaddr))).

Definition transf_fundef (f: Linear.fundef) : res Mach.fundef :=
  AST.transf_partial_fundef transf_function f.

Definition transf_program (p: Linear.program) : res Mach.program :=
  transform_partial_program transf_fundef p.