Module Builtins

Known built-in functions

Require Import String Coqlib.
Require Import AST Integers Floats Values.
Require Export Builtins0 Builtins1.

Inductive builtin_function : Type :=
  | BI_standard (b: standard_builtin)
  | BI_platform (b: platform_builtin).

Definition builtin_function_sig (b: builtin_function) : signature :=
  match b with
  | BI_standard b => standard_builtin_sig b
  | BI_platform b => platform_builtin_sig b

Definition builtin_function_sem (b: builtin_function) : builtin_sem (sig_res (builtin_function_sig b)) :=
  match b with
  | BI_standard b => standard_builtin_sem b
  | BI_platform b => platform_builtin_sem b

Definition lookup_builtin_function (name: string) (sg: signature) : option builtin_function :=
  match lookup_builtin standard_builtin_sig name sg standard_builtin_table with
  | Some b => Some (BI_standard b)
  | None =>
  match lookup_builtin platform_builtin_sig name sg platform_builtin_table with
  | Some b => Some (BI_platform b)
  | None => None
  end end.

Lemma lookup_builtin_function_sig:
  forall name sg b, lookup_builtin_function name sg = Some b -> builtin_function_sig b = sg.
  unfold lookup_builtin_function; intros.
  destruct (lookup_builtin standard_builtin_sig name sg standard_builtin_table) as [bs|] eqn:E.
  inv H. simpl. eapply lookup_builtin_sig; eauto.
  destruct (lookup_builtin platform_builtin_sig name sg platform_builtin_table) as [bp|] eqn:E'.
  inv H. simpl. eapply lookup_builtin_sig; eauto.